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Enterprise Social Network Introduction

Based on conducted research, effective communication, information dissemination, knowledge management, and supervised education are among the top priorities for leading organizations worldwide.

In this regard, many companies around the world have developed specialized software solutions to address these needs, including Workplace by Meta (Facebook), Chatter, Jive and others.

Unfortunately, due to the existing limitations in Iran, none of these solutions are usable within the country. Therefore, based on global and national analyses, the LiFA software platform has been designed and implemented by Palapal Pardaz Fars Knowledge-Based Company to meet the organizational needs of Iranian entities.

This platform can cover various requirements related to knowledge management, learning, internal and external communications, and organizational notifications.

Why Do Organizations Need An Internal Enterprise Social Network?

Organizations can benefit from an internal enterprise social network for various reasons, some of the most important ones are:

  1. Facilitating internal communications.
  2. Improving intra-organizational relationships.
  3. Transforming organizational memory into organizational knowledge (knowledge management).
  4. Establishing effective communication with external stakeholders.
  5. Ensuring information security.
  6. Managing the effectiveness of training processes.
  7. Centralized management and access to user profile information.
  8. Creating specialized groups for discussions and exchange of ideas on specific topics (via chat and forums).
  9. Boosting employee morale and productivity through:
    • Recognizing employees through content creation.
    • Conducting transparent surveys.
    • Facilitating communication with colleagues and peers.

Why LiFA?

LIFA platform is an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) available on mobile and web. It works like popular social network platforms but focuses on organizational learning and communication. LIFA can be hosted and managed within the organization itself or on the cloud. The platform offers the following features:

  • Management of meetings
  • Public and private working groups
  • Private and public chats
  • Feedback and suggestions system
  • Public and private survey
  • Based on gamification
  • Powerful management panel with flexible access levels
  • User-Friendly Design (Based on Instagram UI/UX  standards)
  • Common features of social networks