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LiFA Platform For Learners

Explore LiFA mobile application to Know How They Can Help You

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How Does it Work?

LiFA, A Microlearning Platform

In line with completing the value chain of services and addressing organizational needs, LiFA Microlearning Platform has been developed based on cutting-edge instructional methodologies and seamlessly integrated with the LiFA Platform.

LiFA supports the following innovative learning concepts to optimize the process of organizational learning and training for maximum efficiency:

  • Microlearning
  • Learning through play
  • Social Learning

LiFA, the enterprise Social Network Platform

LIFA platform is an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) available on moile and web.
It works like popular social network platforms but focuses on organizational learning and communication.
LIFA can be hosted and managed within the organization itself or on the cloud.
The platform offers the following features:
  • Management of meetings 
  • Public and private working groups 
  • Private and public chats 
  • Feedback and suggestions system 
  • Public and private survey 
  • Based on gamification
  • Powerful management panel with flexible access levels 
  • User-Friendly Design (Based on Instagram UI/UX standards) 
  • Common features of social networksb

Explore the Features


Personalization & Start to Enjoy Learning

Employees can set their preferences and start exploring the app and learn something new.

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Gamification; Be Motivated & Learn More

We motivate users to learn more by using gamification elements and some concepts of social media.


Find Right Content & Start Learning

Your employees can explore the organization's content and learn from great bite-sized content which is created by the company and their colleagues.

During learning, employees can communicate and learn from each other.

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Knowledge Sharing

Your employees can easily share their knowledge with their colleagues and interact with them. All tools for creating high-quality content are provided in LiFA mobile application and are open for all of your users.

But as an admin, you can moderate their content.


Track The Learning Process

All data related to your employees' learning process is recorded and displayed visually in their profile, so they can learn better by analyzing their data.


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Admins or even employees can easily create some relevant posts and put them in a course. Each course can have some quizzes and even a certificate and points for completing all lessons and passing its exam.

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Interaction & Collaboration

On LiFA, employees can become friends with other participants/colleagues and enjoy interacting with them while learning from them.

Even you can add your clients to this system for having to interact with some departments of your organization.


Interactive & Playable Content

On LiFA, admins and users can create interactive and playable content such as:

  1. Quizzes
  2. Crossword puzzles
  3. Quiz shows
  4. And many more

These types of content help your employees to engage more with your learning content and enjoy the process of learning.

Don’t forget that, LiFA stands for "Learning is a Fun Activity". So creating a fun learning environment is one of our major mission.


Private Online Sessions

This feature is one of the coolest features of LiFA. It’s an online meeting system that enables users to have a scheduled online meeting.

So, your users can find a person who created great content that they wanted, and then, they can book a time to have an online meeting with him/her.

Tutors(a person who gives others online training sessions) can earn points and convert all of their points into achievable rewards.