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Using new methods, new tools and different contents


Learning Platform Introduction

With the movement of innovative and pioneering organizations towards becoming learning organizations, various challenges and issues have arisen. Some of these challenges include:

  • Lack of sufficient time for employees to engage in learning.
  • Low effectiveness of traditional learning methods such as workshops and instructional books.
  • Low motivation among employees to participate in learning activities.
  • And many others.

In this regard, Lifa comes as an executive solution to assist organizations by providing suitable tools and content, accompanying them on their journey towards becoming a learning organization.

LiFA, A Microlearning Platform

In line with completing the value chain of services and addressing organizational needs, LiFA Microlearning Platform has been developed based on cutting-edge instructional methodologies and seamlessly integrated with the LiFA Platform.

LiFA supports the following innovative learning concepts to optimize the process of organizational learning and training for maximum efficiency:

  • Microlearning
  • Learning through play
  • Social Learning

LiFA: The Next-Generation Electronic Learning Platform


Why LiFA?

Our aim is to comprehensively address the training needs of organizations by providing comprehensive solutions. Some of the unique features of LiFA include:


Active Learning Platform:

Utilizing this mobile-based (Android and iOS) and web software platform, users can engage with exclusive content using active learning methods, microlearning, social learning, gamification, and more.

Virtual Reality Simulations:

We create customized simulation environments in virtual reality based on organizations' specific requirements and seamlessly integrate them into the LiFA platform for centralized storage of employee training data.

Learning through Gamification:

 Incorporating simple educational games can significantly boost employee motivation and engagement with the training content. Our goal at LiFA is to achieve just that.

Educational Content:

LiFA's content specialists strive to produce relevant training materials based on active learning principles and microlearning after analyzing each organization's specific needs. These materials are presented on the LiFAactive learning platform in a unique and effective manner.