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We Are More Than a Platform

Technical Services

  • Custom development
  • Custom integration with third-party applications
  • Deploy LiFA on your organization’s servers
  • Provide full and well-documented source code

Content Services

  • Customized active learning plans
  • Custom content creation
  • Create custom 3D models and simulated environments

Advisory and Support Services

  • Implementation of LiFA for the whole organization
  • Online private classes for establishing LiFA In your company
  • Support 360 enables customers to ask questions and solve their problems 7/24 with Email, phone calls, WhatsApp, and support tickets.



LiFA Services

Exclusive Content Creation

Active Learning-Based Exclusive Content Production

Specialized Workshops

Online and In-Person, Supported by University Professors and Industry Experts

Unique Content Generation from Conducted Workshops

Offline Course Development Based On Active Learning Principles

Platform Deployment Consultation

Platform Deployment Consultation for Organizations

Custom Development

Tailoring the Platform to Organizational Needs


Designing VR-Based Simulated Environments

On-Premises Installation

On-Premises Installation and Maintenance on Organizational Servers

Exclusive Content Creation

VR and Mobile App-Based Educational Games


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