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About Us

Meet Our Team, Vision, Mission, and More

Who Are We?

High educated and well experienced

About LiFA team

We are a research-based Australian company to propose high-tech software solutions with the highest quality and the minimum cost.

We have four different groups of experts, including Academic researchers, UX and Gamification designers, Programmers, and educational experts. These groups enable us to provide high-quality consultation services or deliver software solutions to small or large business problems.

Considering these abilities from a couple of years ago, we defined some goals for our company, and LiFA is one of the biggest. LiFA stands for Learning is a Fun Activity, and we define the following Vision and mission for it:

Our Vision

Become the most fun and effective place for Learning.

Our Mission

Increase learning efficiency and learners' engagement to enable them to improve their skills for digital transformation.

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Meet Our Team

Great people who create great platform to the world

Amir Darejeh

Co-founder - CEO

Ali Darejeh (PhD)

Co-founder - R&D Manager

ALi Akbar Safavi (Ph.D.)

Co-founder - Educational Manager

Reza Askari

Full stack Developer

Ghonche Yaghar

Full stack developer

Asghar Golkar

Game/VR Developer

Saman Saeedi

Marketing Specialist

Sara Mashayekh

Educational designer


Kazem Askarifar

Business development manager

Ghasem Salimi

Educational designer